Wireless Chargers and Safety

We understand how important the safety of your home, your family and of course your smart devices are. Below are some common questions regarding wireless charging technology.

Is wireless charging bad for your health?

Wireless chargers must conform to a set of regulations concerning electromagnetic interference (EMI / EMC) and magnetic fields. All miniBatt products comply with these rules and regulations to ensure the products are safe for every day use. A microwave, for example, works at 10 times the frequency of the wireless charging of smartphones.

Does wireless charging damage my battery?

No, all our devices incorporate overcharging protection, which shuts off the energy supply when the device is fully charged. Most smart devices also have this overcharging protection built in.

Is it safe for me to leave my device on the charger?

Yes, the charger turns off automatically on completing the charging cycle and will not damage your device.

Is it normal for my device to get warm during charging?

Yes, it is normal for your device to warm up a little when it is being charged (either wirelessly or wired), so there is no need to worry. All our products have passed strict safety and quality tests.